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Review: Commercial Bank of Qatar provides local shares trading in the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE). It's a site similar to QNB.

Commercial Bank of Qatar:  It has many wealthy private and institutional clients in Qatar.

Share buying and selling in the Qatar Stock Exchange can be done over the phone, fax or through their BUY and SELL order form.

Review: They also provide the ability to trade international stock markets through their CB International Trading App available on Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Being a local Qatari bank, it's reliable and stable.

Yes, the official website and app of this broker is safe, legit and trustworthy.

CBQ Trustpilot Reviews

The following reviews were posted on Trustpilot:

Fort Honey said: The worst bank in Qatar, too many scam calls, and within two minutes of depositing money at an ATM, the money is gone. Don't start an account with this bank.

Nash requested that customers be able to reach customer support representatives through phone, rather than leaving messages on an answering machine. Unfortunately, we're unable to handle these over the phone since they're related to our account. What could possibly be worse? It will take a few hours on the phone to get help from the branch, and nothing will happen to your issue.

Sujeevan Kuberalingam said: Honestly the worst bank, I have some loan troubles and paid the payments, but had to go through so many unprofessional departments. Please don't come if u're a foreigner.

The first time I came here, I had the worst experience with Commercial Bank Qatar, according to Asim Mohammad Bin Qasim. To establish an account, you must be a non-Qatari national who is working in Qatar. Actually, this is what happened to me: A serious problem was discovered in the area of workforce continuity and contingency planning. Failure to provide timely services to consumers with the attention they anticipate when they first join the ship. Failure to address consumer concerns in a timely manner, despite the fact that this is their main obligation. In spite of the pandemics surrounding them, CBQ has no mechanism in place to handle client complaints on a top-priority basis. Everyone who lives in Qatar or is planning a trip to Qatar should be alarmed by this scenario. My real advice to anybody considering using this bank is to wait until you've arrived in Qatar before doing so. In Qatar, there are a plethora of banking alternatives. As a result, give it a go with them.

A commercial bank, according to Julia Dvirnik: The Qatari bank is abysmal. When I went to Qatar, I immediately regretted signing up with them. At 3 p.m., their branches shut, and they don't provide any kind of customer assistance. To get your new credit card during Covid, you must visit the collection centre (which is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday). You will not be able to get your card by mail or through a branch with more convenient hours. Not happy at all, and I wouldn't suggest this bank to a friend. QNB is the best option for you.

Rami complained about the manager of the Ain Khaled branch: "I went there to make a cash deposit there were three machines, two of which were not functioning and one with a 20-person line, so I went inside the branch and took a token then directly to the counter and found out they don't accept cash deposit unless it's above $50,000." Because of the branch manager's lack of professionalism, I decided to transfer to a different bank.

Muhammad Tahir Abbas said that bank employees, particularly those in the collection department, were unprofessional. Do not hire low-cost personnel who will harm the bank's reputation in general. If you really cared about your firm, you should have your personnel do customer service training classes. If you want to know how your staff interact with us, I recommend that you do a random check on your bank's phone logs.

Prahlad Khadka said that he was having a difficult time dealing with his bank. The bank will be renamed as a result of this.

Khaleel Dahdouli said that when he first applied for a salary account, it took them forever to open the account and send him the account details, and even if you manage to get through to a customer service employee, you'll get all the answers you need. Even if you visit a branch, you'll have to wait in line for hours to speak with an employee.

When it comes to my bank, I'm looking for one that treats its clients with respect rather than contempt, says Pedro. It was a terrible experience using the phone for banking. Telephone banking is abysmal. Only an answering machine is available, and it will take a long time to go through all of the options before you get to the one where you can speak to a real person who can answer your questions.

Sandeep Thapa wrote: I am writing as though I have been waiting for 2 and a half hours for customer support to call me. And here we are, still stuck in a line that moves at a glacial pace. There are so many things about this that I don't grasp.

"CBQ is the worst bank I've ever had to deal with," Azim Ismail stated. I'm not sure why it's accepted in Qatar, but in my nation, their customer service would lead to their demise. Many instances of blatantly rude service.

CBQ is the worst bank I've ever dealt with, according to Sam. Their customer service in my nation would put them out of business, and I don't see why it's accepted in Qatar. There are a lot of unanswered questions and unfriendly staff.

In terms of banks, Susan Hope found them to be OK, but they seem to desire that I take out a loan or credit card at every chance.

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Sites like CBQ in Qatar

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