How to start Forex trading in Qatar

Looking to trade forex or cryptocurrencies? living in Doha? well, your fellow countrymen are opening accounts at these firms in droves. You would be happy to know that Qatar is a big player in the retail forex trading industry.

Who are the best brokers for trading Forex and Cryptocurrencies in Qatar?

The companies listed in this section provide free registration / account opening for the residents:

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Everyday Questions about Forex and Crypto Trading in Qatar

I would like trade forex pairs online. How do I start trading forex?

  1. Make sure your internet connection is fast and stable.
  2. Open a real or a demo account at a good and regulated forex broker.
  3. Learn the basics of their trading platform on your laptop or PC; or through their mobile app on your smartphone.
  4. On your real account, use forex trading signals or allocate your capital to another trader on the social trading platform of your broker.
  5. Once you notice profitable trades, close them.
  6. Withdraw funds made on profitable trades to your bank account in Qatar.

Can I start trading forex for free?

Almost all online brokers have demo accounts that can help beginner traders learn to trade the tricky, yet reward worthy foreign exchange markets. As for free deposit bonus, it may be offered on top of your first deposit. Meaning, if you deposit 100 Qatari Rial, your broker may credit your final balance to 150 Qatari Rial, giving you a 50% bonus.

Why is forex trading such a big deal. Isn't it like investing in the stock markets?

The rapid intraday volatility, packed with stupendous amounts of leverage is what makes forex trading a very risky form of investment - stocks move in an ordered fashion, most of the time. Forex trading is susceptible to large losses of funds. A person can lose her entire balance within minutes, if the position sizing is not set correctly. And even with robust risk management procedures at place, the ability to keep on guessing the right direction of the trade is another momentous feat, that only a select few, very experienced traders, are able to achieve over the course of their lives.

Are Qataris competent at trading forex?

Qatar is home to one of the best and the brightest, when it comes to forex and cryptocurrency trading. Much of it stems from the fact that the financial structure of this country is built on a rock solid foundation. For example, local Qatari banks with their vast amounts of liquid forex reserves are very healthy, and not only provide financial stability to the regional banking sector, but also serve as a good source to support forex operations of banks located in East Asia, Europe and the Americas. This makes Qatar a financial hub for both global brokers and investors.

Is it realistic to make up to 20% returns on forex trading every month?

The best forex traders in the world can only make about 1% to 2% per month, which translates to 12% to 24% per year. Now one can hit a jackpot on a trade, once a while, which might upgrade the take-home pay to more than 100%, but such a scenario doesn't happen often, if at all.

How much return on investment should I expect to make in the forex markets?

If you make up to 10% per year trading the forex markets, expect yourself to stand among the outliers and one of the best in the business. Yup, it is that hard. Most people do not make any money. Even top-tier banks only make around 4% to 5% on a good year.

Is an online broker really needed for trading forex?

For trading currencies, having a broker is better, but sure, forex can be traded directly through a bank account. For example, you can create multiple bank accounts in various currencies, and keep exchanging, or moving them between accounts. A broker however, can make these tasks simpler by consolidating and providing better exchange rates (EUR/USD can even be 0 pips), and also give you lend you additional funds in the form of margin.

What is a forex trading platform?

An online trading platform enables a person to invest / trade in forex, cryptocurrencies, binary options, stocks, bonds, and CFDs.

How many forex and bitcoin traders live in Qatar?

Qatar has over 300,000 residents trading forex, cryptocurrencies, binary options, stocks, and bonds online.

Do online brokers have a trading platform, that I can download or open in a browser?

Most online forex and crypto brokers provide a trading platform called MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. This software is used to trade traditional currencies EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY etc. But, bigger brokers with more resources code their own customized trading-platform in order to provide more tailor-made services to their clients.

How do I start trading online?

Individuals will need to open up a trading account to trade and invest in popular currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF etc., and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum etc.

Can forex demo accounts help me learn trading?

Beginner traders are recommended that they start off by downloading demo MT4 or MT5 software in order learn the basics of the foreign exchange markets. Demo forex accounts can help newbies a lot.

What's the best way to learn about Forex Trading?

There is no single best way to learn to trade the forex markets. You should use a multitude of avenues, such as reading books, watching YouTube videos on this topic; and even attending seminars arranged by prominent brokers in this industry.

What trading app is best for Forex trading in Qatar for  the year 2021?

Olymp Trade is the best forex trading app in Qatar for the year 2021.

What does a forex trading broker really do? Does it provide liquidity?

It is broker's responsibility to fullfill all the orders placed on the forex trading platform. This also means that it is responsible for arranging the required liquidity (the money flow) to facilitate its clients.

Can I trade forex without a broker in Qatar?

Investors who have millions of dollars worth of cash at hand, can simply trade forex against the forex dealing desks of their banks. They do not need a broker for such trading activities.

Do Forex trading brokers trade against you?

Most Forex trading brokers are market makers. This means that they trade against you; and it is common and completely legal. However, it's not necessary that they do that for every trade. For example, for large buy and sell forex orders, say in the millions, sometimes a retail broker may pass on this risk to a prime broker, or directly to a bank, or a group of banks.

How many forex trading brokers operate in Qatar?

Most forex trading brokers operating in Qatar are based outside the country, but target the local audience in Doha. There are literally dozens of them, however there isn't any specific forex broker that has been sanctioned by the Government of Qatar to provide online retail foreign exchange trading platform in the country.

What are the various account types I can open at a forex trading broker?

Forex / cryptocurrency brokers can offer the following type of accounts:

What is the minimum deposit amount I need to open a forex trading account, while living in Qatar?

Most residents of Qatar open a new online forex / cryptocurrency trading account by depositing an average of 2,000 Qatari Riyals; however many brokers may only require a small initial deposit of 40 Qatari Riyals ($10 US Dollars).

Should I open an account at FXCM forex trading broker?

Totally up to you.The brokers listed on this website are fairly popular. Perhaps, FXCM is the oldest one of all. But, it's losing its grip over the retail client segment in the past several years. Newer and better players have moved in and taken over.

Is Saxo Bank a good forex trading broker?

There's also Saxo Bank from Denmark that is regulated in various jurisdictions - including the MENA region - however they hunt for premium clients only; so expect starting deposit of a minimum of $10,000 US Dollars. Frankly, they don't offer anything special in terms of trading platform or executions that can't be found elsewhere.

Are there any local Forex and Bitcoin social groups in Doha, who I can meet in person?

The best way to find other people who are also into forex and bitcoin trading in Doha, or anywhere in Qatar, is to make sure to personally attend any local forex seminars or events. This way you should be able to physically meet your peers in the industry, and form friendships, as well as potential partnerships in pooling your funds for more advanced investments in the financial markets.

How much of my hard-earned money should I invest in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets for trading?

I tend to ask people reading this website to take it slow; if they are new to trading in the financial markets. Don't jump in with a lot of money, regardless of how fancy a broker is. Adjusting your personality to take monetary losses for bad investment decisions - initially - will make you a better investor in the long term. And, it's always a good idea to lose small amounts, when learning the ropes. In fact, according to Investopedia, it's an art.

Is Forex trading legal in Qatar?

Yes. This nation is a big center for online forex trading; many local and international brokers make sure to provide local support in Arabic for citizens.

I am an expat living in the country. Can I get guidance from my forex trading broker in my local language?

Majority of brokers provide multilingual support for expatriates living in the country, for example; English, Hindi, Persian, Urdu etc., in addition to Arabic.

Can I trade Forex on my smartphone?

Of course you can. But is it a good idea? Any serious forex trader would want to use a bigger screen, bare minimum a laptop, or even better a PC, to get the best experience of the rapid movements of the financial markets. There is a reason, why trading room desks have multiple screens installed all over the place. Bigger is better here.

I am new to trading in the financial markets. Will my broker help me trade; or at least offer me deposit bonuses?

Social trading (auto trading robot, PAMM) platform, demo accounts, free no deposit bonus are available. Many even provide access to free trading signals.

Is Telegram a good way to get the latest forex trading trading signals, specifically for EURUSD?

Sure. You can use Telegram for forex. But there are plenty of free and paid trading signal websites, with in-depth analysis and better trade entry points.

Is eToro legal in Qatar?

There is no Qatari law that states that eToro is illegal in the country, but this also does not mean it's a good social trading broker. There are many better options available.

How is online forex trading done?

Online currency trading can be done through currency exchanges, banks and through brokers. Online forex / currency trading (retail forex trading) is one of the most popular method for individual-investors to participate in the financial markets.

What forex pairs can I trade online?

Traders can trade tons of pairs on an online trading platform. But here are a few:

What cryptocurrencies can I trade (buy and sell) online?

A trading platform can provide the ability to invest in a myriad of popular cryptocurrencies. Here are a few examples:

Can I trade Qatari Riyal online?

Investors living in Qatar wishing to trade in Qatari riyal would need to open a dollar account with their banks, and then perform their currency trades. For example, buy and sell Qatari Riyals against the US dollars. Please note that the government of Qatar keeps a fixed exchange rate; which makes local currency trading feasible only for commercial importers and exporters, commercial banks and currency hedge funds. They buy and sell currency options and non-deliverable forward (NDF) contracts to hedge cross-currency risks. Currency swaps (buying and selling / exchanging the interest rate payments of local corporate debt) are traded for the same purpose.

Is using AI profitable in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading?

Be wary of websites promoting AI trading platforms to lure in investors. A lot of such companies have popped into existence nowadays. Primarily, there is no Artificial Intelligence code running in the background. It's all a marketing gimmick. They run the same as your bog standard automated or social trading strats do; what is different is the celebrity style name it's given to attract new people.

Can I learn about forex trading on Quora and Reddit?

Quora and Reddit are excellent resources for answers to questions, that haven't been addressed here. Don't forget to check them out. However, be cautious about sleazy salesman pitches by affiliate marketers lurking there, in particular the ones trying to push you to open an account. If it looks corny, it usually is. So, imprint that down your brain.

What is the best way to learn forex trading for beginners?

Read good books on Forex trading, written by people who have actually traded the financial markets. You can search and then download PDFs of such books for beginner traders right on Google.

Where can I get the latest Qatari Riyal forex rates in Qatar?

Here is the list:

Trading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in Qatar

Can I trade Bitcoin on margin?

Forex brokers and Crypto exchanges provide the ability to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies can be traded online on margin (leverage) by opening up an account with a broker. Bitcoin leads the cryptocurrency market by daily trading volume.

Are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin legal for online trading in Qatar?

If you trade with a broker or an exchange located outside the country; there should be no problems at all. Tens of thousands of people living in Qatar have holdings in cryptocurrencies.

Do all forex brokers provide cryptocurrency trading facility?

Cryptocurrencies can be traded on a normal forex trading platform. Most, if not all, forex brokers also support crypto trading.

What kind of cryptocurrencies can I trade through my online broker?

Qataris can trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum and many others, and buy and sell them by using margin provided by their online broker.

What are the most traded cryptocurrencies in Qatar?

This section lists the best cryptocurrencies traded by thousands of Qatari residents. Bitcoin and Ethereum are favored by most. is very popular for checking out technical and fundamental charts, price rates and market capitalization of all the major ones.

Regulation of Forex Trading Brokers in Qatar

The government of Qatar must regulate online trading activites. Who does that?

Qatar Financial Markets Authority along with the supervision of Qatar Central Bank are responsible for the regulation of local brokerages, insurance companies, banks and asset management financial institutions in the country.

What online trading brokers does the QFMA regulate?

What is the Contact Address of QFMA?

Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA)
West Bay, QFC Tower(2). P.O. Box 25552 - Doha, Qatar
Tel: (+974) 4428-9999 / Fax: (+974) 4444-1221
E-mail: [email protected]

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